My Fantastic Five!

Having been an avid fan of Seattle-based brand Tovolo® for many years, Arugula & Rocket is now proud to become an authorised Tovolo® re-seller in the UK.

I simply love this brand as they never fail to amaze me with their endless stream of bright, fun and creative ideas that allow “cooks” like me to get wow results in the kitchen. From practical solutions, like the “magical” dough whisk and ingenious ‘soak n’ strain’ colanders, to the adorably cute novelty ice and ice pop moulds, Tovolo has something for everyone.


1. Owl Ice Mould

What’s not to LOVE LOVE LOVE about this adorable owl ice cube mould?!!! Made from flexible silicone, there is no struggle to get the cubes out of this tray. These moulds are also available in heart, gingerbread men and penguin designs, among others.

TIP: Don’t restrict yourself to ice cubes. I also use these versatile silicone moulds to make novelty chocolates and other sweets!



2. Soak n’ Strain Colanders

Simply fill the bowl with water, soak and with a tip of the bowl, the water drains away! I use my Soak n’ Strain EVERY DAY. It’s great for washing salad leaves, soaking dried noodles, and it’s also perfect for defrosting, as the food is held away from the water residue! Available in 3 sizes, the smallest makes an ideal berry colander. The colander and mixing bowl also cleverly unclip so they can be used separately – three products in one!

TIP: I use the mini Soak n’ Strain to defrost berries in the fridge overnight, ready for my cereal the next morning.


3. Non-Stick Baking Mats

This product is my baking hero! No more greasing (it is TOTALLY non-stick), no more burnt baked-on cookies that you can’t budge from the pan AND it is magical to clean (just wipe clean or sling in the dishwasher!).

TIP: Use this mat in the bottom of your baking tray even when baking something as simple as chicken or sausages. The mat is a lot easier to clean than a metal baking tray!



4. King Cube Ice Trays

I just love the mighty King Cube! These two inch blocks of regal ice not only command instant beverage respect but also keep your drink thoroughly chilled and they melt slower than regular cubes so do not dilute your drink – hurrah!

I also use these moulds to freeze juices, marinades, stock and baby food for later use.

TIP: These ice moulds are reduced to £10.00 until Sunday 6th September!



5. Rocket Pop Moulds

This classic rocket ice pop design never grows old. I use mine to freeze smoothie pops for breakfast and fruity concoctions for whenever my evil sweet tooth rears its head. Simply whizz frozen or canned fruit in a blender (you can add water or milk if you prefer) and then freeze the mixture in the moulds for a healthy, sugar-free treat for children.

TIP: These moulds are not just for children – they are GREAT for adult cocktail pops!


This is just a selection of the items currently available. So what are you waiting for? Visit the Arugula & Rocket Cookshop now!

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