Halloween Pumpkin Spice Pops

All PopsIt’s only 17 days until Halloween (my first in the USA!) and I’m as excited as Buffy at a Vampire party! Halloween is a huge occasion in the USA and they certainly know how to celebrate. The stores are brimful of Halloween treats, from Pumpkin flavoured Oreo’s and Pumpkin Spice Lattes to eye ball shaped bubblegum and gravestone marshmallow Peeps, we have every kind of ghoulish delight you could ever imagine.

IceCream PopsBut one thing I haven’t been able to find so far is a Halloween Ice Pop. Being an ice pop addict, I decided this just wouldn’t do, so have conjured up this devilishly good Pumpkin Spice Pops recipe.

These are frightfully easy to make and you can add a touch of Halloween charm by dipping the ice pops into yummy cinnamon sugar or colourful decorative sprinkles. I used the Tovolo® Ice Cream Ice Pop Moulds and Tovolo® Twin Pop Ice Pop Moulds to make my ice pops.

Watch the how-to video or keep reading to discover how to make these ghoulishly good Halloween Pumpkin Spice Pops…

If you don’t have any Pumpkin Spice Mix simply make your own by mixing together ½ tsp Nutmeg, ½ tsp Allspice, ½ tsp Cinnamon and ¼ tsp Cloves.

You can also make your own Cinnamon Sugar by mixing ¼ cup granulated white sugar and 1 tbsp ground cinnamon.

To make this Halloween Pumpkin Spice Pops recipe I used the following equipment:

UK followers can now purchase some of the products featured in this article from the newly launched Arugula & Rocket Cookshop!

Halloween Pumpkin Spice Pops

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print

Main Ice Cream x 2


8oz Milk (you can also use Soya, Coconut, or Almond Milk)
3oz Pumpkin Puree
¼ Tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice
Pinch Salt
Maple Syrup to taste

Toppings (optional):
Cinnamon Sugar


Put all ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix together well. Add maple syrup to taste.

Pour mixture into ice pop moulds and freeze until solid.

Run ice pops under warm water to release from mould.

Allow to soften slightly before dipping the ice pops into the cinnamon sugar or sprinkles.

Serve immediately.

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