Get Ready For New Year’s Eve!

Christmas Drinks Perfect King Cubes ChampagneI’ve had the most fantastic Christmas!!! A holiday filled with family, food and fun – what more could a girl ask for? (Apart from the wonderful handbag my hubby bought me, of course?!!!)

But now Christmas is over (boo!), we only have to suffer a few days at work until we can let our hair down and celebrate New’s Year Eve – hurrah!

New Year’s Eve is such a promising time of year. It’s the time of year when I always say an enthusiastic goodbye to the old “me” and throw myself into a heroic plan to transform myself into an unrecognisably healthier, skinnier and more successful version of me. The problem is, if truth be told, I’m a bit of a stalker and I can only seem to shake off the “old me” until mid-January at best, when my trusty old persona reappears, with chocolate, sugar-laden sweets, and alcohol in tow!

Nonetheless, a resolution is a resolution and I have the best of intentions to succeed in 2016. BUT, before I start on my path of resolute virtuousness, I have made it my duty to share the most indulgent, super-tasty New Year’s Eve treats with you. So grab an egg nog latte, put your feet up and enjoy my pick of the best recipes to add glitz and sparkle to your New Year’s celebrations!

Champagne Cupcakes  courtesy of Life, Love & Sugar

Let’s face it, a party without bubbles or cake is dull dull dull! So perk up your party table and kill two birds with one stone with these fabulous Champagne Cupcakes. Get the recipe.


NYE 2015 Champagne Jello Shots

Champagne Jello Shots – courtesy of Erica’s Sweet Tooth

Not only do these jello shots look great, they taste great too. Even better, the recipe doesn’t call for a whole bottle of champagne, which means there’ll be plenty left over for the cook – hiccup! Make them in perfect cube silicone moulds for maximum impact. Get the recipe.


NYE 2015 Basil in the Rye

Basil in the Rye – courtesy of how2heroes

Basil in the Rye is a modern take on the classic Sazerac – serve it over king ice cubes to ensure the ice doesn’t dilute your cocktail making skills. And for the cocktail novices among you, there’s a super easy to follow video. Get the recipe.


NYE 2015 Cranberry White Choc Cake

Sparkling Cranberry & White Chocolate Cake – courtesy of Life, Love & Sugar

Is there any better way to bring in the new year than with sparkles and cake? I think not.

This snowy white cake with magical frosted cranberries is guaranteed to be the highlight of your party and is almost too pretty to eat – almost!!!  Get the recipe.


NYE 2015 Champagne Jello CupsChampagne Jello Cups – courtesy of Beth at TheFirstYearBlog

Get set to impress your guests with these champagne jello cups. Stunning, elegant and sophisticated with a touch of bubbly goodness! Get the recipe.


NYE 2015 Blood Orange Whisky Negroni

Blood Orange Whiskey Negroni – recipe courtesy of Climbing Grier Mountain

If you’re lucky enough to be skiing over the New Year, this Blood Orange Whiskey Negroni makes the perfect après ski cocktail – it’s fruity whiskey heaven! Serve over Giant Ice Spheres or Cubes for maximum cocktail cred! Get the recipe.


Peppermint Fudge – courtesy of Arugula & Rocket
This is fast becoming my go-to party recipe. I promise, they’ll be none left at the end of the party. And let’s be honest,  the pepperminty freshness is a welcome offering before those New Year kisses get underway! Get the recipe.
Christmas Cheers King Perfect Ice Cubes Close Up
Celebratory Ice Cubes – courtesy of Arugula & Rocket

Add a touch of sparkle, glitz and glamour to your drinks by paying extra attention to your ice. Freeze cranberries, pomegranate seeds, lemon slices inside the cube to add interest. Or use novelty shaped moulds for instant ice appeal! Get more ideas here.

Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year!!!!


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