Goodbye Mama’s!!!

Mamas Mexican Restaurant LogoToday’s blog pays homage to a very dear friend, a friend with whom I have just parted ways. The departure of this trusty companion will create a huge void in my, and many other Seattle-ites, hearts and stomachs alike. For on March 31st Mama’s Mexican Kitchen, Seattle’s oldest Mexican restaurant will close its’ doors for the very last time.

Mama’s will always hold a very special place in my heart, not only because it was my first experience of authentic Mexican food, but it was also one of the first restaurants my husband ever took me to when we were first dating, during my first trip to Seattle.

Mamas Mexican Restaurant FrontAs a Mexican-deprived Brit, I was really excited to be going for Mexican food, but remember the overwhelming sinking feeling that replaced that excitement as we approached the restaurant and were greeted by a life-size model of Elvis Presley – god bless America and The King, but all I wanted was “proper” Mexican food, not more American chain food! The decor inside was also distinctly Americana in style, with poster-clad walls paying tribute to national treasures like Jimi Hendrix and American rock playing from the jukebox.

However, Mama’s Mexican Kitchen turned out to be quite the cabal oscuro – or “dark horse” to you and I. With recipes handed down from their grandmother, or Mama, the founding family stay true to their roots by serving up the best Mexican food in the city.

Mamas Mexican Restaurant GuacamoleBut alas, after 39 years of serving the good people of Seattle, the building faces the fate of so many others in this ever-changing city and has been sold to developers – the great institution that is Mama’s will be no more. So at the weekend my husband and I made one last bitter-sweet visit to our fave Mexican restaurant for a last supper – and to make complete and utter pigs of ourselves!

Starting off with the chips and guac’ – who can ever resist guacamole?!! – we then launched into a full scale military-style assault on a huge plate of Huevos Rancheros, chicken AND beef fajitas and a “healthy” serving of black beans, all rounded off nicely with some extra corn tortillas. Sadly we simply couldn’t manage another bite (and were too embarrassed to order more food) so had to forego my husband’s regular fave, the Chili Verde (cubed pork in a green sauce).

So with heavy hearts and even heavier bellies, we bid so long, farewell and adieu to one of Seattle’s finest – it’s been fun Mama’s!

Mama’s Mexican Kitchen is located on the corner of 2nd and Bell in Belltown, Seattle. For more information, visit Mama’s website or call 206-728-6262 to make a reservation.

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