Thin Mints Ice Cream

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This has to be one of my favourite times of the year in America, not only because our clocks go forward this weekend and summer time is officially on its way, but because it’s terribly difficult to go anywhere without being accosted by a girl scout asking you to buy a box of her Girl Scout Cookies.

Usually it’s a nuisance when you are confronted by a street seller and you’ll do everything humanly possible to avoid eye contact, but as anyone will tell you, it is almost impossible to turn down a girl scout. Stood outside in the cold, wind and rain in a bid to drum up sales and consequentially raise funds to support their local community, they are extremely admirable. However, I am, quite honestly, not that virtuous, and very selfishly give in to temptation simply because girl scout cookies are so abso-cookie-lutely DELICIOUS!!!

Thin Mints Ice Cream ConeWhy they don’t sell these crunchy morsels of heavenly delight all year round I’ll never understand. What I do know, however, is during the 6-8 week period that they are available all hell breaks loose in my house, as we desperately try to make cupboard space for the ump-teenth box we just had to buy that day.

I love love love the caramel and coconut Samoas® and, of course, the peanut butter Tagalongs®, but my very best BBF flavour has to be the Thin Mints® cookies. So, with girl scout cookie season in full throw, I now have a very pleasing task on my hands – to get through the boxes of Girl Scout Cookies that have taken control of what has now become known as the “Cookie Cupboard”.

This deliciously refreshing ice cream recipe is just one of the ingenious ways I manage to get rid of some Thin Mints® Cookies!

You really don’t need a degree in rocket science to make this fantabulous ice cream. All you need to do is put the vanilla ice cream, mint extract and green food colouring (optional) into a blender and blend on the ice cream setting until the ingredients are completely combined – now eat a Thin Mints® to be sure they are ok.

Thin Mints Ice Cream Green Blended

Pour the ice-cream mix into your ice cream tub, then bash your Thin Mints® cookies into chunks – ensuring you eat one first to make sure it is crunchy enough to bash.

Thin Mints Ice Cream Ready to Mix

Now stir the cookie pieces into the ice cream mix – it’s probably appropriate timing to taste test another cookie!

Thin Mints Ice Cream Mixing

Place in the freezer until the ice cream becomes solid. While waiting for the ice cream to harden, sit back with a cup of tea and the remaining cookies from the packet – because everyone knows that an open packet of cookies will go soft, and very unhappy, if left uneaten.

Thin Mints Ice Cream Scoop

Serve your Thin Mints® Ice Cream as is, in a waffle cone, or as a sundae with oodles of chocolate sauce and warm brownie pieces  – enjoy!

Thin Mints Ice Cream Cone

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Thin Mints® Ice Cream

  • Servings: 4-6
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print


1 Tub Vanilla Ice Cream (1.5 Qt/1.4 Litres)
½ Tsp Mint Extract
¼ Tsp Green Food Colouring (optional)
10 Thin Mints® Cookies


Place the ice cream, mint extract and food colouring into a blender and blend on the ice cream setting until ingredients are combined .

Pour the ice cream mix into your ice cream tub.

Bash the Thin Mints® cookies into chunks.

Stir into the ice cream mix.

Freeze to harden and serve.

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