How Not to Lose Your Cool

They say time flies when you’re having fun and this is certainly true when I’m back in the UK spending time with my family and friends – and getting my fix of all of my favourite foods from home, of course!

Having only been home for a week, I have already squeezed in a sneaky Nando’s, discovered a new fave spot at Zaza’s Italian, feasted on fish & chips, and gotten all hot and spicy with Indian curry at the Palm! So it’s not exactly a shock to say that my diet is going as smoothly as Trump’s bid for the presidency.

Therefore it will also come as no surprise to hear that the time I’ve spent in my own kitchen has been rather limited, to say the least! Instead, with the weather finally hotting up (even here in the UK!), I have been getting all creative with some new Novelty Ice Moulds and experimenting with some new cocktail recipes – it’s all in the name of research, honest!!!

TovoloGone are the days when spectacular Orgasms are restricted to the hippest bars (that’s a cocktail BTW!) and impressive craft ice is reserved to the freezers of the most talented bartenders. So don’t be square and use these awe-inspiringly creative ice ideas that’ll enhance the look and flavour of your drinks quicker than David Cameron leaving 10 Downing Street!

Tovolo Ducks Ice CubesWant to add an extra twist to your Cocktails, but don’t have the skills or finesse to go all “Tom Cruise” with a shaker? Or maybe you’re entertaining children, or simply wanting to add fun to party drinks? There are a huge assortment of novelty shaped ice moulds available there that’ll drive your guests crazy with delight! I was so excited to find a new range of 3D Ice Moulds by Tovolo – the Rubber Ducky moulds are so cool!!! Try freezing colourful fruit juice, syrups, or cordials to add a splash of colour and taste to your drinks for instant bar worthy appeal!

If you love to sip on Iced Tea to keep your cool, elevate your brew by freezing grapefruit juice, lemon barley water, or even peach cordial to infuse the tea with fruit flavours as they melt. These also work great with Lemonade, or to “pimp up” plain ole water!

Tovolo Skull Coffee Milk Ice CubesDo you find yourself in a race against the clock when drinking Iced Coffee, eager not to have your ice dilute your caffeine hit and turning the last sips into nothing but an unpalatable brown watering mess? Well suffer no more fellow caffeine addicts! Simply freeze milk or coffee in an ice mould to infuse your iced beverage with more flavour and sip happy right down to the bottom of your cup – freezing milk in these Skull shaped moulds produces frightening good results!

Tovolo Anchor Ice MouldsIf you’re organising an event for a local club or charity, or are simply having friends over to watch the “game”, why not use express your support with team coloured ice? I froze apple and blue raspberry flavoured Cool-Aid to create these nautical themed ice anchors in the colours of our local Mariners baseball team.

Many of the Tovolo Ice Moulds, including the new Jumbo Clear Ice Moulds, together with a range of Ice Lolly Moulds, are available to buy from the Arugula & Rocket Store on Amazon in the UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain. Readers from other countries should check out the Tovolo website.


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