Tis the Night Before Christmas…

…well almost!

I guess you’re all up to your necks in Christmas preparations and festive frolics, so I’ll make today’s post short and sweet – I promise!

I can’t believe another year has passed, where has the time gone? The Arugula & Rocket blog and social pages have gained new followers, the online cook shop has seen some great new products and I’d like to think that my food photography is improving, if only slightly!

Warning: I’m about to get all emotional! I am ever so thankful to all my family, friends and to you, for supporting and reading the blog. I hope you have found my posts both entertaining and mouthwateringly inspiring – I have certainly enjoyed writing, cooking (and eating!) them. Next year I hope to expand on the experience I’ve gained to add extra bling to my blog, so your feedback on the style, format, photography, frequency, etc., would be really appreciated – and please don’t hold back on the honesty, this blog is for YOU, I won’t be offended! In the same vein, I’m always open to requests and challenges so if there’s a recipe you’d like me to include, please let me know.


I’ll now let you get back to your holiday baking and present wrapping, but not before wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and gifting you with my fave holiday recipes for guaranteed festive yumminess – let the cook, eat, sleep and repeat cycle of Christmas begin!!!

cranberry-sauce-ramekinChristmas Dinner:


Festive Treats:




TovoloChristmas Cheer:



Cranberry Sauce Muffins On Cooling Rack OverheadBoxing Day (The Day After Christmas!) Recipes:


Christmas Recipe Videos:

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