Skittles Rainbow Ice Pops

Skittles Rainbow Ice Pops Thumbsicles with PopIf you can’t stand the heat…

Are you already fed up with the unforgiving heat of summer? Then I’ve got the perfect solution for you – get in to the kitchen!

Skittles Rainbow Ice Pops Thumbsicles YellowThis weekend is LGBT Pride Month and the city of Seattle is awash with rainbow flags, posters and paraphernalia to celebrate. I think these colourful flags must have planted a subliminal message in my brain, because I was helplessly drawn into Bartell’s to buy a packet of Skittles yesterday.

When I got home, shoving fistfuls of the bright chewy candy into my mouth, I skimmed over all of the “complaints” my friends had posted on Facebook about the unforgiving heat in the UK right now  – I’m sure they’re not complaints really, just a way for everyone to gloat about how hot and sunny it is, while I’m sat in a flippers and snorkel under a soggy grey rain cloud!

But hey, I’m not bitter! I’m gonna turn my frown upside down. If I can’t beat them, I’m gonna join them and pretend that Seattle’s hot and sunny too! And what better way to cool down from the heat of all that sunshine, than with an ice cold treat? Inspired by the Gay Pride Flag, I’m getting into the kitchen to make these magical Skittles Rainbow Ice Pops. 

Skittles Rainbow Ice Pops Thumbsicle MouldsI call them magical, because that’s exactly what they are. The Skittles – yes, we use real Skittles! – spread their rainbow joy, not only by turning the pops into fun, bright colours, but they also infuse each lolly with a surprisingly fruity flavour. You can literally “taste the rainbow”!

I used the Tovolo Thumbsicle Ice Pop Moulds so I can sit in the corner, sulk and suck my thumb when I return to reality and realise the skies are grey outside – send a little sunshine my way, please!

Skittles Rainbow Ice Pops

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print

Skittles Rainbow Ice Pops Thumbsicles with Pop


1 Pack of Skittles
Still or Sparkling Lemonade (or Water or Lemon Barley Water)


Place 8-10 skittles into the bottom of each ice pop mould. NOTE: use one colour in each mould, or mix the colours for a blended pop.

Fill the moulds with your choice of still lemonade, sparkling lemonade, lemon barley water (diluted) or plain water. 

Add the ice pop sticks.

Freeze for 2 to 3 hours, or until the popsicles are completely solid.

Run a little hot water over the mould to release the ice pop from the mould more easily.

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