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Are You Sitting Comfortably…

…or have you already fallen in shock?

As you all know, I am a very “dirty” eater. Whether it’s sweet and sugary, deep-fried or salty, you just know I’m gonna eat it. However, after spending the past few months up and down the runway – in the airport, not at a fashion week! – and doing my own (rather fabulous) version of “Eat, Travel, Eat, Repeat, and uh, Eat Again”, my body has been begging me for mercy. So I took myself down to the girls at Pressed Juicery™ and pleaded for their help.

Pressed Juicery offer a range of fresh, cold-pressed, all-natural juices that can contain as much as 4lbs of fresh produce all crammed into a single bottle – impressive huh? What’s more, they have also created three off-the-shelf Juice Cleanse Programs that even a clean-eating dummy, such as myself, will find easy to follow.

Cleanse 1 is for first-timers and is slightly higher in calories, Cleanse 2 is an intermediate level cleanse and Cleanse 3 is reserved for the hardened juicers of this world. I knew I was the perfect candidate for Cleanse 1, but not wanting to look like an amateur, I confidently ordered the Cleanse 2, which I was assured was their most popular cleanse – I already drink every day don’t I, so what’s the problem?!

Pressed Juicery Numbered Juices

Each Cleanse comprises 6 bottles of cold-pressed juice, which are labelled from 1 to 6 so you know in which order to drink them. You start with drink #1 as soon as you wake up and then drink a juice every two hours – see, they really have made it foolproof!

You can also opt to receive a bottle of frighteningly green Chlorophyll Water to sip throughout the day to keep you hydrated and a bottle of Aloe Vera H2O to drink at the end of the day, to erm, keep “things” – I think they mean poop – moving. As with any cleanse, you’re also advised to drink lots of water and, if you really get really famished, can “indulge” in some cucumber slices or a handful of raw almonds.

Pressed Juicery Waters

All in all, I found the cleanse really easy to follow and stick to. The juices were surprisingly tasty. I didn’t feel anywhere near as hungry as I feared I would and I didn’t even need my emergency cucumber! I really did feel healthier and definitely less bloated afterwards. In fact, I felt so energised from my reboot, I’m considering adding a regular cleanse to my diet.

Click on the image below to watch my video diary of the Pressed Juicery Cleanse…

Video Diary

For further details or to place an order, visit the Pressed Juicery online.

NOTE: this is not a paid for promotion, nor is it sponsored by the Pressed Juicery.

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