How to Avoid The Black Friday Blues

unhappy-crowdIsn’t It Ironic..

…that just one day after Thanksgiving – a day dedicated to being thankful for everything and everyone in our lives – we decide to dump all rules of humanity and politeness to trample, push and shove fellow shoppers out of the way of that unmissable bargain at the Black Friday Sales.

This year, why don’t you to turn off that early morning alarm clock, keep away from those angry crowds, save the time spent in long checkout queues, and avoid those gloomy clouds of disappointment after combing through rack upon endless rack of indescribable crap?

Instead, sit in the warm, put your feet up, crack open that bottle of wine and enjoy 15% OFF ALL PURCHASES at the Arugula & Rocket Online Store this Black Friday and Cyber Monday – YES, I said 15% off!

Simply enter the code THANKYOU at the checkout to apply your discount. The offer starts at 00:01am (GMT) on Black Friday, 24th November and ends at 11:59pm (GMT) this Cyber Monday, 27th November.

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So don’t beat yourself black (Friday) and blue (Monday) amongst those frantic deal-hungry shoppers and indulge in a tranquil online therapy session and get ahead with your Christmas shopping at the same time – Enjoy!

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