Pancake Day

pancake_day_2018.jpg I Don’t Give A Toss…

… if I only wrote about pancakes a few weeks ago. C’mon people this Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday and the one day of the year that we HAVE to eat pancakes ALL DAY LONG!

And for those of you who don’t think that I am deadly serious, read on. No, I’m not going to flip you off and toss you a boring, humdrum recipe for the lightest, fluffiest pancake you’ll ever have the fortune to fry – hell no! Today, I am going to feed you up and egg you on with four fabulously impressive pancake recipes that’ll keep your pancake cravings satisfied and taste buds tantalised for every meal this Tuesday – yes, I know, I AM pretty fabulous aren’t I?!

So hold on to your frying pans…and let’s get tossing!

BREAKFAST – Dutch Baby Brekkie


Photography: Alex Lau

 If you can say no to an egg and bacon breakfast in the AM, you are not human – FULL STOP. Even back in the days when I was a devout veggie, the smell of bacon would make my tummy go all topsy turvy and my mouth water like Niagara Falls. So why not stick your traditional fry up on top of a Dutch Baby Pancake to create a heavenly savoury breakfast that’ll keep you full for hours – or at least until pancake lunch time!

If egg and bacon is not your thing, simply top your Dutch, Dutch Baby with your preferred breakfast items. Try fried eggs, avocado and shaved ham, smoked salmon, crème fraîche and sliced spring onions, or sautéed kale, crispy bacon and aged cheddar for something delightfully different.

Try this recipe from Bon Appetit

LUNCH – Mini Baby Bok Choi Kimchi Pancakes 

Mini Baby Bok Choi Kimchi Pancakes

Photography: Wild Greens & Sardines

After our belly busting Dutch Baby Breakfast, you’re probably wanting something light, fresh and flavorful for lunch. Well, you’ll not be disappointed by these asian-inspired Mini Baby Bok Choi Kimchi Pancakes.

The recipe is surprisingly straightforward, visually impressive and mouthwateringly delicious. What’s more, it takes less than 20 minutes to prepare so you’ll have plenty of time left in your lunch hour to put your feet up and relax.

Get the recipe from Wild Greens & Sardines

DINNER – Panchilladas


Photography: GoodtoKnow

Every Thursday me and the hubby enjoy Happy Hour at our favourite Mexican restaurant, Fogan Cocoina Mexicana and both agree that Mexican would be our “dessert island” cuisine of choice. Okay, so it isn’t Shrove Thursday, but I couldn’t possibly share this many delicious pancake recipes without adding a Mexican twist.

Enter the Panchillada, the delectable love child of the pancake and enchilada. Packed full with tender pieces of chicken, roasted red peppers and a rich tomato sauce with melted cheese topping, this delicious pancake recipe is the perfect treat for a pancake dinner.

Get the recipe from GoodtoKnow

DESSERT – Buttermilk Crepes With Citrus Compote and Rosemary Honey

buttermilk crepes with citrus compote and rosemary honey

Photography: What Katie Ate

I know what you’re thinking! This dish is surprisingly un-sweet for a dessert recipe on my blog. However, this recipe got me at the Rosemary Honey – I simply love the taste of rosemary – and after feasting on pancakes galore all day, this dessert is a delightfully light and refreshing way to end pancake day.

Try the recipe from What Katie Ate

If, in the unlikely event, you still haven’t had your fill of pancakes, then head on over to the Arugula & Rocket website to see my recipes for 2 Ingredient Banana Pancakes and Cinnamon Roll Pancakes.

Do you have a recipe that you’d like to see on the blog? Have you made one of my recipes that you would love to share? Or have you discovered a great product that you cannot find in the shops? Email me at: – I’d love to hear from you!

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