Find The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

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I Searched and Searched, But You Already Have The Perfect Father’s Day Gift…


Well I’m guessing that’s not going to cut it when it comes to Fathers Day next Sunday, so I thought I’d lend you a hand and provide you with some great gift ideas for Father’s Day. To make your gift buying even easier, I have broken down these gifts by personality type, so you’ll know exactly what gift most suits your dad… 

The Elon Musk Dad 

Does your dad own an Amazon Echo? Did he install a Ring video doorbell and a Nest wifi thermostat so he could happily control them from his iPhone X? Then quite frankly you have quite a dilemma when it comes to buying your fathers day gift – what to buy the guy who has everything?!!

If geeky products and processes are what get your dad ticking then he’ll definitely appreciate this King Cube Clear Ice System. This perfectly insulated ice maker creates a controlled environment where the oxygen is pushed into the bottom, creating one classic ice cube, while leaving the top cube completely crystal-clear.

If the geeky science has gotten you all sleepy, then this offer will wake you up!

ENJOY 15% OFF the Tovolo King Cube Clear Ice System until June 18th with code LOVEDADS – Buy it here.

The Brian Flanagan Dad – AKA that Tom Cruise bartender in Cocktail 

If your dad fancies himself as a bit of a mover and shaker in the cocktail world, then give him a real chance at living up to his dreams with this handy 2-in1 Cocktail Reamer and Strainer.

Not only can he use it to make freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice to create more dazzling drinks, but if he removes the juicer the base becomes a professional quality stainless steel cocktail stainer – hell yizzay, make mine a margarita!

Tom Cruise eat your heart out! Buy the Tovolo 2-in-1 Cocktail Reamer and Strainer for your dad now.

The David Attenborough Dad 

The David Attenborough dad is deeply concerned about the environment and sees himself as a bit of an eco-warrior. He has a healthy supply of reusable shopping bags in the boot of his car, refuses to drink from a plastic straw and never buys drinks in plastic bottles.

2018_RussbeBag_18584-Lifestyle_Green StatementIf you don’t fancy a day at the seaside collecting plastic waste from the beaches, do the next best thing and get dad his very own set of Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags. Not only will you get brownie points for helping him to ditch those wasteful disposable food bags – which can take up to 500 years to decompose – but he’ll be as proud as punch that everyone in the office will know exactly how green he is by the “green statement” that is boldly printed on the front of each bag.

This Set of 4 “Green Statement” Sandwich and Snack Bags are extremely durable with reinforced seams and a locking seal to keep food fresh. They are also 100% free from BPA, PVC, latex, and phthalates – gaining you extra “green” credits! Be good to dad and the planet and buy them here.


The Winston Churchill Dad

Sir Winston Churchill spent a lot of time in India and South Africa when he was younger, where he was stated to have drunk whiskey as “the water was not fit to drink. To make it palatable, we had to add whiskey. By diligent effort, I learnt to like it.”

Therefore, the Winston Churchill dad is often to be found sat snugly in an armchair in front of a roaring log fire, with slippers on feet and a glass of scotch on the rocks in hand.

Don’t try to change him with flashy gifts, or bore him with another pair of socks – even though they seem to fit his sloth-like lifestyle. Instead buy him something that’ll elevate his tipple in the evening.

80-9697 Sphere LifestyleThese Sphere Ice Moulds create perfect jumbo ice balls that not only look great, but also melt more slowly than regular sized ice. This means that not only will his top shelf stuff remain pure and undiluted, but he can also top his up glass without having to get up from his trusty armchair to get more ice – perfect!

Buy him Tovolo Sphere Ice Moulds today. 

The Keith Richards Dad

You can’t always get what you want, but you can be sure that this gift will give dad satisfaction this Fathers Day with this great value set of silicone ice moulds.

This three piece set includes a six piece king cube ice mould and two sphere ice moulds to create four giant ice balls – perfect for when those quiet nights at home unexpectedly turn into a crazy house party. With these king ice cubes and large ice balls that melt more slowly than regular sized ice cubes, he and his pals will quite literally be able to rock n’ roll all night long!

Buy him the Tovolo Silicone Ice Mould Set now.

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