Cook And Serve In Red, White & Blue This 4th July!

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Happy 4th July Everyone!

As much as I don’t support independence when it comes to separation – because we’re all sick to the back teeth of Brexit aren’t we? – I simply cannot resist a good ole “knees up” and celebratory holiday. So here are my most popular recipes for 4th July to include in your Independence Day celebrations…

Stars & Stripes Cake

Bake your way free of independence – because EVERYONE will want a slice! – with this delicious STARS & STRIPES CAKE

Very Berry Icebox Cake

Chill out and enjoy the fireworks with this easy VERY BERRY ICEBOX CAKE

Cupcake Sliders

Blow everyone’s minds – they aren’t sliders, they’re cupcakes! – with these CUPCAKE SLIDERS 

Or try this easy 4th of July Punch by the Hot Stove Society:



Place a couple of chunks of chilled watermelon in the bottom of the glass.

Blend a shot of vodka with some lemonade and a large serving of ice.

Pour the blended vodka slushie on top of the watermelon and decorate with fresh chilled blueberries.

Now sit back, sip and relax!

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