How To Make Your Kids Eat Their Packed Lunch!

Russbe Sandwich Bags LifestyleI Was Going To Say Something Funny About Sandwiches…

…But I Feared Some Of You Might Find It Rather Stale!

Do your kids always return home from school with a half eaten lunch? Well I have the solution! Pack their sandwiches and break time snacks inside something so adorable they’ll be excited for lunchtime – and super proud to show off in front of their friends’ pathetic looking Tupperware!19068_dog_snack_sandwich_bags_lifestyleThese brand new reusable snack and sandwich bags will always bring a smile to their face – even when you’ve managed to sneak something healthy inside!19067_cat_snack_sandwich_bags_pack19069_panda_snack_sandwich_bags_4With fun cat, dog and panda designs these bags are adorable and will have your kids excited for lunch time.19074_dog_lunch_chillers_packWhat’s more, these matching gel-filled chillers are also available. Simply cool them in the freezer the night before and then pop them inside their sandwich bags and lunch containers to keep foods and drinks cool until mealtime.

Both the sandwich and snack bags and the lunch chillers are sold in packs of four (the bags are presented as two sandwich and two snack bags). All items are reusable, BPA free and dishwasher and freezer safe.



dog_treats_in_dog_snack_bagThe dog and cat bags are also perfect for storing and carrying pet treats!

Visit our online store to buy your Russbe Reusable Lunch Items!

2 thoughts on “How To Make Your Kids Eat Their Packed Lunch!

  1. Kate Hitchens says:

    I use similar reusable snack bags for my kids they love them! I always keep an empty on in the changing bag and if we go to a cafe and they can’t finish their biscuit or whatever snack they’ve got I pop the rest in one of these and save it for later rather than waste it!

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