Shopping Is Cheaper Than Therapy…

pike_place_marketThis week I have been hosting my family who made the long trek over the Atlantic to holiday in Seattle. It’s been so much fun visiting the local tourist spots, which I already totally take for granted, and to see their reactions through a fresh pair of eyes – Seattle is such a fun city!

We’ve dodged the flying fish at Pike Place Market, stood on the revolving glass floor at the top of the Space Needle and cheered with the crowds at Safeco Field when the Mariners beat the Baltimore Orioles – and, more importantly, stuffed ourselves silly with good ole American Hot Dogs and Kidd Valley Garlic Fries!

space_needle_glass_floorThe downside is that I have been a very bad food blogger and for this I sincerely apologise. Today there is no mouthwatering recipe to share, but I do promise I’ll be back to my normal blogging self next week – pinky promise!

Instead, I thought I’d give you a glance at some of the new goodies that have just launched over at the Arugula & Rocket Online Store – but this post is not just a shameless plug!

Shopping is said to be a form of therapy, is it not? Well, not only will this shopping trip offer you a cheaper alternative to regular therapy, but it’ll give you the tools and motivation to cook at home, which is much cheaper than buying a take-away or eating out, so you’ll be saving twice over – see, I really was thinking about you all along! 😉

Below are some highlights of the new launches and you can click here to start your retail therapy experience at the Arugula & Rocket Store (shop available to UK and EU visitors only).

The new items include a range of clever Seal n’ Store food savers that seal the cut side of produce to keep it fresh for longer, an Angled Pastry Blender that magically scrapes the dough away from its’ blades, and a comfort grip Avocado Knife that cuts, pits and scoops avocado faster than you can say “avocado toast”!

See you next week, I’m off for a Seattle Duck Tour – quack, quack!


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