Black Friday Lightning Deal

paring_knives_blk_friday_1Whoever Said Money Can’t Buy Happiness…

…Simply Didn’t Know Where To Go Shopping!

So it’s official, not only is it Thanksgiving Week, but more importantly – for all of us who love, love, love to grab ourselves a bargain, it’s the beginning of a very important shopping week – BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY here I come!

I have two Amazing Amazon Lightning Deals to help ease you into bargain hunting bliss. This week’s Black Friday Offer which is now open to everyone is on my most used items from the Arugula & Rocket Store, this Set of 2 Paring Knives!

Use them to peel, chop, core, dice and slice, then throw them in the dishwasher – hard working lil’ suckers aren’t they?!

Paring KnivesThey even come with protective blade covers so they can be stored safely in the drawer without fear of accidentally cutting rummaging fingers and to help protect the blades to stay sharp for longer.

Normally £8.99, these little chopping beauties are only £6.99 this week on Amazon. Grab yourself a slice of the action with this Amazing Amazon Lightning Deal Now!


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