Santa’s Stocking Stuffer #5: Ginger Boys Cookie Cutter Set

Tovolo Ginger Boys Cookie Cutter Set

Meet the Ginger Boys – they will melt their heart and fill their stomach!


This gang of 6 lovable Gingerbread Boy characters includes one Ginger Boy cutter and three reversible Ginger Boy templates that make decorating easy and fun. Each template imprints the dough with your favourite personality and acts as a guide to help you make professional-looking cookies every time.

Because this set is made from high grade plastic there are no sharp edges, so it is perfect for baking with children and kids. You can also use these cutters with pastry for adding details to pastries and pies and with fondant icing for cake decorating and fondant decorations!

All pieces snap together for compact and easy storage.

The Tovolo Ginger Boys Cookie Cutter Set is made from high quality, 100% BPA free plastic and is dishwasher safe.

CLICK HERE to buy the Tovolo Ginger Boys Cookie Cutter Set

You can also browse my entire store online.

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