Santa’s Stocking Stuffer #7: Tovolo King Cube Clear Ice System

Tovolo King Cube Clear Ice System

This genius ice cube tray creates two giant king size ice cubes: 1 crystal clear cube and 1 regular ice cube.

christmas_stocking_12_december_2018This perfectly insulated ice maker creates a controlled environment where the oxygen is pushed into the bottom, creating one classic cube, while leaving the top ice cube crystal-clear.

The 2.5 inch giant ice cube melts slower than regular sized ice cubes, so won’t dilute your drink. These ice cubes are so much more attractive than whiskey stones and other whiskey ice cubes on the market.

Use these ice cubes to chill your favourite spirits without diluting the taste or quality of your drink. They are perfect for serving drinks on the rocks and creating impressive party cocktails.

The sturdy base prevents the ice cube trays from tipping in the freezer, while the flexible silicone moulds make it easy to pop out the ice cubes when needed.

These moulds are 100% BPA free.

CLICK HERE to buy the Tovolo King Cube Clear Ice System.

You can also browse my entire store online.

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