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Online Shopping Is Essential Because…

…Apparently It Isn’t Acceptable To Go Shopping In Your PJ’s, While Drinking Wine!

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t get dressed and definitely do NOT put down that glass of wine. Instead browse all of the fabulous new arrivals in my online store!

Yes, apologies people, but this is a cheap and shameless plug for my shop – but wait, please don’t go! – because I have lots of brand new goodies just waiting to be enjoyed by  you…


Are you angered by the plastic pollution destroying our oceans? Then man- (or woman!) up and do your bit for the planet by ridding yourself of nasty single-use plastic food bags. Instead bag yourself – excuse the pun! – a pack of these washable, reusable, extra-large food bags.

They are dishwasher & freezer safe and come with a locking zip seal to keep foods fresh, which makes them perfect for storing leftovers, marinating food, or taking packed lunches to work and school.

I have been so excited to get these in-store, as they are made by the same company as my most popular sellers, these cute reusable snack and sandwich bags. So get shopping and go green everyone!


This second item is the most used tool in my kitchen – the versatile Scoop & Spread – it’s like a million magical tools bundled into one!

It has one hard end that is perfect for spreading and a flexible silicone end at the other, which is great for scraping and scooping soft mixtures, spreads and other food stuffs, from bowls and jars.

The narrow width makes this the perfect tool for getting right into the bottom of the blender and narrow neck jam jars, so no more crying over that last bit of Nutella you simply can’t get to – hurrah!

The Scoop & Spread comes in 2 sizes: a handy 8″ mini size and a regular 11″ length for longer reach tasks.

If the thought of balancing a glass of prosecco in one hand, whilst holding the bottle in your other, and then not having a third hand to eat your sandwich with presents the ultimate picnic nightmare for you – here is the perfect solution!


SteadySticks Wine Glass and Bottle Holders make the tricky business of al fresco socialising a cinch!

Simply poke these handy holders into the earth for instant drinks prowess. I take mine everywhere with me. They’re perfect for campsites, picnics, garden parties and even at the beach – they’ll make a great gift for the Ibiza Queen in your life.

The wine bottle holder is large enough to hold a bottle of your finest champagne – now that’s what I call going al fresco with style!

81-25653_Seal N Store-Medium_In UseGet rid of single use plastic bags and cling film forever and store your cut fruit and veggies in these practical Seal n’ Store food savers.

From lemons and limes, to avocados and onions, the two handy sizes will take care of all your storage needs. The clever silicone web stretches over differently sized items to create an air-tight seal over the cut side, keeping it fresh for longer and preventing nasty riffs – yes, I’m talking to you Mr Onion! – from escaping and contaminating other foods.

The Seal n’ Store comes in a small green version and a larger yellow size.


Keep your kitchen countertop in tip top condition with these Tip Top Tongs! They have a clever resting foot that keeps the messy tips elevated above the surface.

The brightly coloured silicone tips that really get a good grip on your food, whilst their length (13 inches) ensures that they keep hands a safe distance from heat elements.

81-9721_Tip Top Tongs_Spring GreenSimply push the ring at the end of the tongs to close and lock them together for safe and convenient storage.

61-26858 Stainless Handled Spatula_Lime_SILOThese green tongs look great paired with my new green silicone kitchen utensils. The spatula, slotted turner and mixing spoon all feature bright green silicone heads with sleek stainless steel handles. They look so cool, you won’t want to hide them away in a drawer, which is great, because they all have a hanging loop so you can display them with pride!

Last, but certainly not least, are these extra-large silicone ice cube trays.


Although, not a completely new concept, these ice trays make super cool – sorry for the ice pun! – jumbo sized ice cubes that give your drinks bartender appeal. The flexible silicone also makes it super easy to pop the ice out, which can be a real problem when using stiff plastic trays.

61-30695_S2-XL-Ice-Cube-Trays_Charcoal_LifestyleWhat can be better than this ice tray? Two of these ice trays, of course! Because, this comes in a handy set of two – so you’ll never have to suffer lukewarm cocktails again.


If these items have whetted your appetite, why not take a look at all of the other great kitchen items I have in my online store?

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