The Major Mistakes You’re Making With Your Nonstick Cookware!

bowl-color-delicious-1346271So you have a new set of shiny non-stick pans or bakeware – yay! – but how do you keep them shiny, non-stick, and more importantly, safe to cook with?

Here are a few best practices for maintaining your non-stick surface. Follow these rules and your pots and pans will sing! {Source: RealSimple}

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Never pre-heat: Heating an empty non-stick pan will make it way too hot, which damages the surface and its non-stick properties. 

Don’t cook over high heat: Unless the product manual says otherwise, non-stick pans are generally not made to be used over a burner that’s cranked up above medium heat. If you’re looking to sear, use a stainless steel or cast iron pan instead. 

Don’t scrub with an abrasive sponge or cleaning pad: Every time you do, you’re scraping off the non-stick finish bit by bit. 

Amazon Lightning DealDon’t use knives or other sharp and/or metal utensils on them: Little cuts on the pan’s surface translate into peeling and sticking and potentially dangerous chemicals ending up in your food – yuk! ALWAYS use wooden or silicone utensils on any items with a non-stick coating, and always transfer foods to a cutting board before you get at them with a knife. 

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