You’ll Love These Strawberry Recipes So Berry Much!

strawberry platterWhat Did One Strawberry Say To The Other…

If You Weren’t So Sweet We Wouldn’t Be In This Jam!

It’s Strawberry Season so I thought I’d be berry nice (boom boom!) to you all and share my fave recipes using this juicy summer fruit.

If you’re lucky enough to go strawberry picking, you might be pondering the best way to treat and store your freshly picked produce. Simply refrigerate the fruit in shallow containers as soon as you can, and wash them in cold water only when you are ready to use them. Never leave berries soaking in water.

If you have a huge glut of strawberries, you can also freeze whole strawberries on a cookie sheet until firm, then store them in reusable storage bags or in ice cream tubs.

For preparing strawberries, I love this handy Strawberry Huller. Simply poke it through the strawberry to completely remove the stem and the leaves in a flash. Fast (and fun!) it makes short work of a usually tedious job and is great for recipes that require lots of the fruit. I then use a good Paring Knife to neatly cut the hulled strawberries into wedges or slices.

So now we are completely strawberry savvy, let’s get to the good stuff: my Fave 5 Strawberry Recipes…

#1: The Best Easy Strawberry Shortcake by The Kitchn. 

Layers of vanilla shortcake filled with whipped cream frosting and juicy strawberries, who could ask for more? Get the recipe.

kitchn strawberry shortcake.png#2: Strawberry Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette

This refreshing orange and strawberry salad from Chelsea’s Messy Apron is packed with good-for-you ingredients and dressed in a flavour-packed citrus vinaigrette. Get the recipe.

strawberry salad.png

#3: Strawberry Eton Mess

A classic British dessert made of whipped cream, store-bought meringues, and strawberries, this recipe from Bon Appetit is as easy to make as it is impressive. Get the recipe.strawberry mess.png

#4: Very Berry Icebox Cake

This classic American dessert from Arugula & Rocket is cool and refreshing. In fact, this cake is probably the quickest and easiest dessert that you’ll ever encounter. It takes just 10 minutes to prepare, requires a few simple ingredients, and contradictory to its’ name, doesn’t contain any sponge, nor is it frozen. Get the recipe.

Very Berry Icebox Cake in Dish.JPG

#5: Strawberry Lassi

A delicious blend of fresh strawberries and yogurt and makes for a refreshing Indian summer drink! Get the recipe.

strawberry lassi

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