Bacon Guacamole & Plantain Chips

Everything tastes better with bacon and that includes this fantastic Bacon Guacamole Recipe!

Las Gaviotas, Baja California, Mexico

Join me as I reminisce about my recent girls vacay to Las Gaviotas, Mexico and share my food highlights from the trip…

Move Over Banana Bread, There’s A New Loaf In Town!

Reduce Food Waste and Stop Needless Cruelty Against Over Ripe Avocados With This Deliciously Healthy Avocado Bread Recipe…

Happy National Burger Day!

#TBT To This Meaty Post For National Burger Day!

Healthy, 5 Ingredient, No Added Sugar, Strawberry & Coconut Ice Pops

Get ready for summer with this healthy, 5 ingredient, no added sugar Strawberry & Coconut Ice Pop recipe!

7 Ways to Reach Avocado Awesomeness…

Sit back and let me guac’ your world with these seven heavenly avocado recipes…

7 Unusual Ways To Totally Guac An Avocado…

Sit back and let me guac’ your world with these seven heavenly and unique avocado recipes…

Slow-Cooked Spicy Beef Chili

Moving to America has totally changed me – FACT. Not only have I become a wife (aiming for fully fledged domesticated goddess status!), but I also find myself saying “have a nice day” to complete strangers, I throw out the “trash” rather than the rubbish, I eat an entrée instead of a main, and I no longer consider putting sweet and … Continue reading Slow-Cooked Spicy Beef Chili

Cool as a Cucumber Water

What is it with the health industry? Through our lifetime we are overwhelmed by a tsunami of conflicting advice and research telling us what we should eat one day and then giving it the ‘red card’ the next. It makes my goal of attaining the body of Giselle Bundchen and the physical prowess of Tom Brady as confusing as the offside rule! Wheat, gluten, … Continue reading Cool as a Cucumber Water

Gone in a Zucchini (Courgette) Bread

My mom (technically my mother-in-law, but I like to call her mom) is always taking pity on us newly-weds (even though we are fully grown adults) inviting us over for wonderful home-cooked dinners and donating bags of food as we head for home. My husband can never hide his enthusiasm to go “home” for dinner and I have to admit, I … Continue reading Gone in a Zucchini (Courgette) Bread