New York, New York!

I LOVE NEW YORK! The buzz, the people, the skyscrapers and most of all the FOOD! There are so many great places to eat, so for this post I thought I'd share my fave places to take a bite in the 'Big Apple'.   Hillstone - 378 Park Avenue South, NYC I'm not a glamorous girl. I prefer flats to … Continue reading New York, New York!

My Fantastic Five!

Having been an avid fan of Seattle-based brand Tovolo® for many years, Arugula & Rocket is now proud to become an authorised Tovolo® re-seller in the UK. I simply love this brand as they never fail to amaze me with their endless stream of bright, fun and creative ideas that allow "cooks" like me to get wow results in the kitchen. From practical solutions, … Continue reading My Fantastic Five!

Bugs, Ice Pops & Videotapes!

In true Pointer Sister stylie "I'm so excited" to share this post with you because it features my first video recipe (yay!) - so please read the whole post and if you have any feedback on the video, I'd love to hear it! One thing I am not so excited about, however, is the imminent arrival of Autumn. So … Continue reading Bugs, Ice Pops & Videotapes!

One Day Summer Sale

We're celebrating the summer bank holiday weekend by offering you... 10% off ALL Tovolo® Ice Pop Moulds for ONE DAY ONLY  this Bank Holiday Monday. Simply visit our cookshop to take advantage of this sun-tastic offer!

It’s Tortilla Time!

Some foods simply aren't worth the time, stress and mess to make 'from scratch'. Puff pastry, for instance, has to be the average person's kitchen kryptonite. Who needs to spend two hours kneading, poking, rolling and chilling when you can buy ready-made, roll and bake pastry? I used to think the same of tortillas. It's not like tortillas … Continue reading It’s Tortilla Time!

My Peanut Butter Chocolate Heroes!

Today was one of those days. I just couldn't help myself, the urges were simply too strong! No matter how hard I fought, I could feel I was weakening, until I knew I was no longer in control and the craving for chocolate had indeed won. I searched the kitchen frantically - surely we had some chocolate somewhere??? … Continue reading My Peanut Butter Chocolate Heroes!

Totally Delish Fish Taco Dish!

This recipe is THE perfect weekend dish - what better way to celebrate the weekend than with a plate of awesome Mexican food?!!! And it gave me the perfect excuse to break out the Comal and Tortilla Warmer we received as wedding gifts this summer (ours came from a US company called Princess House). "What's a Comal?" I hear … Continue reading Totally Delish Fish Taco Dish!

Money CAN Buy Happiness!

"Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping" (Bo Derek). Well for those of you looking for happiness (and the best place to shop), I have some exciting news - the launch of the Arugula & Rocket UK Cookshop! Having been an avid fan of Seattle-based brand Tovolo® for many … Continue reading Money CAN Buy Happiness!

Cool as a Cucumber Water

What is it with the health industry? Through our lifetime we are overwhelmed by a tsunami of conflicting advice and research telling us what we should eat one day and then giving it the 'red card' the next. It makes my goal of attaining the body of Giselle Bundchen and the physical prowess of Tom Brady as confusing as the offside rule! Wheat, gluten, … Continue reading Cool as a Cucumber Water

Move Your Bootie Coffee Bean Smoothie

I am not a morning person. The sleep function on the alarm clock was designed specifically for people like me. I am the kind of person who struggles to get out of the front door in the morning because everything  takes me twice as long. And those who know me know not to try and engage in … Continue reading Move Your Bootie Coffee Bean Smoothie

In a Flash Frittata

I usually work out at lunchtime. However, last night I wanted to try a new class - hot yoga. 'What a great idea!" I thought as I stepped outside into the 80 degree sunshine on my way to class. The ensuing yoga consisted of positions and contortions I didn't know my body was capable of, and in … Continue reading In a Flash Frittata

Smokin’ Hot Steak Glaze

I must confess that this recipe has been slightly adjusted since my first attempt to make it, which is when I came up with the name "Smokin' Hot" Steak Glaze. Having watched so many of the cooking shows on TV, I knew I needed to get the pan as hot as hellfire before adding the steak in order to sear … Continue reading Smokin’ Hot Steak Glaze

Totally Nuts About Almond Milk

Those who know me probably consider me to be a fit and healthy person. I go to the gym regularly, run, and I like to eat healthily. But today I have a confession. Behind closed doors, in the dark of the night, I become a crazy, insatiable sugar addict. I do not class a treat to be one piece of … Continue reading Totally Nuts About Almond Milk

Irresistible No-Bake Almond Butter Cookies

An irresistible no-bake almond butter cookie recipe.

Harissa Chicken

In a Hurry Harissa Chicken

An exceptionally easy recipe for exotically spicy Harissa Chicken.

What’s Your Cup Size?

I love American cook books. Not just because they are a Pandora's Box brimful of new found foods and recipe ideas, but also because of the measuring system they use. In the US there is no need for large, awkward, hard-to-store weighing scales, instead they are replaced by shiny stainless steel, pocket-sized measuring cups and spoons. In the … Continue reading What’s Your Cup Size?

Gone in a Zucchini (Courgette) Bread

My mom (technically my mother-in-law, but I like to call her mom) is always taking pity on us newly-weds (even though we are fully grown adults) inviting us over for wonderful home-cooked dinners and donating bags of food as we head for home. My husband can never hide his enthusiasm to go "home" for dinner and I have to admit, I … Continue reading Gone in a Zucchini (Courgette) Bread

Welcome to Arugula & Rocket!

Do you freak out when it’s your turn to host dinner? Are you stuck in a dinner rut, cooking the same meals in ever-decreasing circles? Do you wish you could conjure up healthy, creative foods that your children will actually WANT to eat? LET ME HELP YOU. I know exactly how you feel. Having worked … Continue reading Welcome to Arugula & Rocket!