Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bags, Green Statement


Set contains 2 snack bags and 2 sandwich bags.

Dishwasher safe.


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Set of 4 Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bags (Green Statement)

Reusable, Washable, Environmentally-Friendly Snack & Sandwich Bags

Did you know that billions of single use plastic food bags get thrown away every year? They litter our cities, oceans and rivers, and pack our landfills where they can take up to 500 years to decompose. Russbe reusable snack and sandwich bags can help your family to reduce plastic waste and save money.

Sold as a set of 4 bags (2 sandwich size and 2 snack sized bags) these bags are fitted with reinforced seams and a locking seal to keep food fresh and secure on-the-go. The gusseted base also allows the bag to stand alone for a mess-free meal experience. And because our eco-friendly bags are completely free of BPA, PVC, latex, and phthalates, you can snack happy, knowing you’re making a healthy choice for you and your family.

These stylish food storage bags are presented in a range of fun prints and stylish designs that will make you proud to carry your food to school, college, or to the office.


Set of 4 food store bags contains: 2 Snack bags: 7.25″ W x 4″ H + 2 Sandwich Bags: 7.25″ W x 7.5″ H. The bags are also DISHWASHER SAFE.

Look out for our Russbe Lunch Chillers also available on Amazon. These gel filled ice packs can be chilled in the freezer and placed inside lunch bags and boxes to keep food cool and fresh.

Set of 4 Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bags (Green Statement)

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