Don’t Cry Over Starbucks Milk: What’s The Healthiest Option?

With so many low fat, dairy free, and plant based milk alternatives, how do you know if your daily Starbucks order is crushing your health goals and adding to your sugar addiction?

Move Your Bootie Coffee Bean Smoothie

I am not a morning person. The sleep function on the alarm clock was designed specifically for people like me. I am the kind of person who struggles to get out of the front door in the morning because everything  takes me twice as long. And those who know me know not to try and engage in … Continue reading Move Your Bootie Coffee Bean Smoothie

Totally Nuts About Almond Milk

Those who know me probably consider me to be a fit and healthy person. I go to the gym regularly, run, and I like to eat healthily. But today I have a confession. Behind closed doors, in the dark of the night, I become a crazy, insatiable sugar addict. I do not class a treat to be one piece of … Continue reading Totally Nuts About Almond Milk