Chicago, Illinois

Sun, sea, sand and… Palm Springs! I’ve just returned from a fun-filled family girlie trip to Palm Springs. OK, so there isn’t any sea in the desert, but there was definitely a bountiful of sun, sand, silly behaviour and screwdrivers (cousin Amy’s signature cocktail)! It was the perfect break with the perfect people – mom, sissy, Aunt […]

Can’t Get To IHOP Banana Pancakes

My name is Sonia and I am an IHOP junkie - OK I admit it, it's not the poshest of places, but IHOP the 'International House of Pancakes' is my food mecca! I'll always remember my reaction when my husband took me for my first brunch at what is now our local IHOP on Capitol Hill. "You're … Continue reading Can’t Get To IHOP Banana Pancakes

It’s Tortilla Time!

Some foods simply aren't worth the time, stress and mess to make 'from scratch'. Puff pastry, for instance, has to be the average person's kitchen kryptonite. Who needs to spend two hours kneading, poking, rolling and chilling when you can buy ready-made, roll and bake pastry? I used to think the same of tortillas. It's not like tortillas … Continue reading It’s Tortilla Time!

Totally Delish Fish Taco Dish!

This recipe is THE perfect weekend dish - what better way to celebrate the weekend than with a plate of awesome Mexican food?!!! And it gave me the perfect excuse to break out the Comal and Tortilla Warmer we received as wedding gifts this summer (ours came from a US company called Princess House). "What's a Comal?" I hear … Continue reading Totally Delish Fish Taco Dish!

In a Flash Frittata

I usually work out at lunchtime. However, last night I wanted to try a new class - hot yoga. 'What a great idea!" I thought as I stepped outside into the 80 degree sunshine on my way to class. The ensuing yoga consisted of positions and contortions I didn't know my body was capable of, and in … Continue reading In a Flash Frittata