The Life-Changing Magnets Marie Kondo Would Envy

emma-matthews-1296167-unsplashI Always Write A List Before I Go Food Shopping…

…Sometimes I Even Remember To Take It With Me!

I cannot be the only one, can I? I spend all week ardently adding items to the bottom of my shopping list, but when I arrive at the shop, realise that I’ve left my precious list on the kitchen counter – doh!

In that moment of stupidity, I glumly thought of Marie Kondo – you know that woman who is perfectionism personified and wants us to declutter our homes and live in a joyfully organized world of folded socks, clutter free drawers and neatly ironed bedsheets? – I bet she NEVER leaves her list at home.

In fact, I believe that we all have something to learn from Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method™, which encourages us all to cherish the things that spark joy in our lives and discard those that don’t.

So out with that toasted sandwich maker that was used every day for a week, before being banished to the depths of the kitchen cupboard, and in with all the stuff that I really need and truly cherish.

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 13.51.12

I have decided that it’s time to become more organised and sprinkle some life-changing magic over my life – or at least over my shopping preparedness – and what better way than with these joy sparking magnets to proudly pin my shopping and to-do lists to the front of my refrigerator where I can be sure not to miss them!

These pretty metal magnets are designed and manufactured by the woman-owned brand, three by three and are now available from my online store. I simply adore the pretty copper bird magnets, which I now use for my lists so they are now just as organised – and as pretty – as my Pinterest boards!

20931-knob-magnets-gold-use copy
These super cute magnets are backed by Mighties Magnets to provide a strong and secure hold. They are also the prettiest way to 
display your favourite photos, poems and inspirational quotes! With eight different animal themed sets and traditional metal pin designs in four different finishes, there is sure to be a set that will spark joy and help organise your life too!

Buy the magnets here or browse my store online.

the life changing magic of


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