5 Delicious Ways To Crack Poached Eggs

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I Prefer My Eggs…

…Made Out of Chocolate!

Okay, okay, so I’m a little early, but it is only 3 weeks until Chocolate Egg Day and the shops have been full to the brim with chocolate Easter Eggs for weeks already.

In a bid to prep myself for Easter chocolate gluttony, I am ignoring the foolhardy egg slander happening in the press right now and continuing to eat eggs in a bid to up my protein levels and satiate my hunger demons.

My favourite egg is a poached egg and the softer the yolk the better – yum, yum! – which is also actually pretty frustrating, if like me, you find it virtually impossible to cook a perfectly poached egg.

Well struggle no more! Become a poached egg aficionado with these clever Egg Poaching Bags, which take all the hard work out of the most debated way to prepare an egg. 

81-3538_Perfect_Poach_Lifestyle_Step_3Simply crack the egg into the bag, place into a saucepan of boiling water, and poach for 5 to 7 minutes, depending on how soft or hard you like your eggs. Hey presto, perfectly poached eggs – no more endless stirring, fussing, or stressing over slimy, stringy or broken eggs!

You can use as many bags as you like in the one pan, and what’s more, they are 100% biodegradable, so you can throw them out with the compost or recycling when you’re done.

Buy Perfect Poach Egg Poaching Bags here – the green silicone tongs shown in the picture are also arriving in my store in the next few days! (The tongs have now arrived – click here to purchase!)

Now we have the poaching sorted, let’s find out how to use our newly acquired skills with the most interesting ways to serve a poached egg…

#1: Better Than Nigella’s Avocado Toast

Sweet_potato_toastAvocado Toast seems to have become our go-to breakfast, brunch and lunch, but you might want to try something a little more fancy come dinner time?

Elevate this dish – and make it even healthier and gluten free – by swapping the bread for sweet potato toast and adding a touch of sophistication and finesse with avocado, spinach, prosciutto and a perfectly poached egg.

Try this recipe for Sweet Potato Toast with Avocado, Spinach, Prosciutto and Poached Egg by Lisa Bryon.

#2: Savour The Flavour Of Savoury Steel Cut Oats

savoury_oats_eggs.pngOne of my favourite childhood books is The Magic Porridge Pot. The idea of having a never-ending pot of creamy, hot porridge to indulge in is simply a dream come true!

On those days when you might fancy something a little more savory, or have a craving for porridge outside of breakfast hours, don’t dismay – the trusty egg is here to save the day.

This recipe for Savoury Steel Cut Oats with Pecorino and Poached Eggs makes for a surprisingly delicious way to satisfy your porridge cravings.

#3: Everything Eggs!

Everything_bagel_seasoningMy favourite grocery store in the USA just has to be Trader Joe’s and one of their most sold out items has to be this Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning. This blend contains all of the seasonings found on traditional Everything Bagels and proves the perfect partner for any type of egg.

Sprinkle over poached or scrambled eggs, use it as a dip for hard-boiled eggs, or add to the breading of home-made scotch eggs for instant egg credit.

Try this copycat recipe for Trade Joe’s Everything But The Bagel Seasoning from One Lovely Life.

#4: Say Bonjour With A Croque-Monsieur!

croque_monsieurWhen it comes to sandwiches, it doesn’t get much better than a croque-monsieur. With layers of béchamel, ham and gruyere cheese this sandwich is truly delicious, but add to it a perfectly poached egg and it becomes irresistible!

Try this recipe for Croque Monsieur with Poached Eggs by Alexandra’s Kitchen.

#5: Deliciously Decadent Soup

soupI couldn’t resist slipping in this rather unusual, yet decadent egg recipe. It’s the perfect dish for warming up on chilly, spring evenings, when nothing but a bowl of soup will do.

I tried this recipe when me and the hubby were suffering with the horrible cold bug that is currently doing the rounds. With chunky potato, a delightfully runny egg yolk and lots of garlic – a cold-busting bonus! – this comforting supper in a bowl definitely hit the spot!

Try this recipe for Garlic Soup with Potatoes and Poached Eggs by bon appétit.

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